In the 21st century, people are getting more and more obese due to the unhealthy lifestyle they are practicing.

This characteristic feature of Anorexia is defined as a state where a person refuses to eat food due to the obsession for weight loss.

The person gradually loses appetite and start cutting down the calorie intake every day. This condition is very common these days and if followed very carefully, it shows positive effects on people to lose weight easily.

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There are almost 1 million cases every year in India where people follow Anorexia in order to lose weight easily.

How to be Anorexic?

There are several ways through which a person can follow Anorexia –

Prepare yourself mentally –

In order to become Anorexic, one needs to be mentally prepared. The main motive of becoming anorexic is to cut down the food intake every day in order to lose weight easily and get rid of the obese condition.

So you need to be mentally prepared and make your mind stable. If you have a sudden urge to eat fast food then you need to control yourself. One can achieve mental stability be practicing yoga and meditation as they are quite helpful.

Try cardio exercises –

In order to become skinny or lose weight, one needs to hit the gym or do regular exercises. Spend more time running and on the treadmill. Other simple light exercises may include stretching and yoga.

If done regularly along with cutting down calorie intake you may observe positive results within a single week.

Drink plenty of water –

You need to do a lot of exercises and to keep your body hydrated one needs to consume a lot of water.

There will be a lot of lactic acids produces when you will do a lot of exercises, therefore in order to cut that out you need to drink a lot of water.

Drinking plenty of water will provide essential minerals to the body and will save you from dehydration.

Water will also help you to filter more and more blood and help you excrete out wastes from our bodies like ammonia, urea, and other toxic substances.

Diet plan for the following anorexia –

You need to exclude bread, pasta, sugar, milk, corn, beans and rice from your diet plan.

Include nuts, seeds, berries, non-green vegetables, oils, meat(non-red), green vegetables, eggs, dairy products(excluding milk).

These food products will not only provide you necessary energy for doing cardio activities but also help you reduce weight from the body.

Get proper sleep –

Getting a proper sleep will provide you enough energy to work efficiently and will help you keep your mind in a stable condition.

The basic law of nature is to not go against it and sleep at least 6 to 8 hours a day. Taking a good amount of sleep will keep your metabolic activities in the body in a normal condition.

If you are a coffee or tea addict, make sure to consume it in the morning time only and without sugar only. These steps will help you to be anorexic in a natural way.

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